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This webpage is a place where I share and promote insights, knowledge, projects and ideas, both my own and those of other people. If you want to know what I am up to now, go here.

The main themes I write about are cybersecurity, early career development, docker forensics, ctf challenge write up, and sometimes on other topics where I have an idea or insight to share. The following is a static bio about me.


Hela Lucas is a Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics student at Edinburgh Napier University. She is currently working on her dissertation which is looking at docker forensics. She is aiming to have a career as a Cyber Security Engineer, focusing on Incident Response.

Outside of her degree, Hela focuses on attending and speaking at industry events, taking part in the ENUSEC community, and mentoring students in earlier years on job applications/interview preparation.

Apart from cybersecurity Hela also loves cooking vegan food (recently focusing on sourdough), and TEDx (she is even a two time TEDx conference organiser).


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