This is my ‘now’ page.

This is a list of the things I am currently working on.

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I keep the previous entries, in chronological order rather than update and delete, so it reads like a diary in reverse order.

August 2021 – I’ve become an IR consulant at KPMG

Jan 2021 – I joined Facebook’s compromised accounts team

Mar 2020 – 16th Mar – Career development and Cybersecurity Interviews @WLC Ethical Hacking Society (talk)
21st Mar – Career development & Docker Security Talks @ENUSEC’s Le Tour Du Hack

Feb 2020 – I have submitted talks for ENUSEC’s Le Tour Du Hack, BSides London and 3 workshops to EMF camp. I am looking into organising Blackhoodie UK – please get in touch if this is something you would like to participate in.
Saw lots of friends at SecuriTay ❤

Q1 2020 – I am in my last year of University and I have started working on my dissertation.

Q4 2019 – I am back at University, finishing my 3rd year. I did 2 talks, ‘practical advice for dealing with imposter syndrome’ @ WiCS, and ‘tackling cybersecurity job interviews’ @ ENUSEC. I ran the offensive part of a Secure Coding Workshops for an Napier University startup with @PeterAaby and @d4n_tweets, for a large financial institution. I was also a module demonstrator for ‘Scripting for Cybersecurity and Networks’, and ‘Systems and Services’.

Q3 2019 – I completed my Facebook internship, where I worked in the Computer Emergency Response Team, mainly on integrating an EDR tool into our SIEM. I also organised an internal event for WiT. I got a graduate job (yay!).

*The inspiration for this page is this  which I learned about from Derek Sivers, whose TED talk “How to start a movement” has had a lasting impact on my life. His now page and excellent blog are here.