talks & workshops

Please assume that I would be ready to do any of these talks again at short notice – I am very keen to gather speaking experience. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

tackling cybersecurity interviews

I spoke at ENUSEC about cyber security interviews. I have successfully passed technical interviews at Google, Facebook, PWC, Morgan Stanley and F-Secure (MWR at the time). These slides do not contain the interview questions I was asked, as I signed NDAs with most of these companies. The slides are here.

I plan to write a blog post about this.

impostor syndrome

I spoke at Women in Cybersecurity Scotland about practical methods for tackling impostor syndrome. The slides are here. Key takeaways for this talk were:

  • gather evidence of success (personally, I use an email folder, to which I forward any compliments I get. If I get them in person, I send myself an email about it to catalogue)
  • talk to others about your experience, hopefully this will result in them sharing similar feelings
  • use your feelings as motivation – I harness my feelings of inadequacy to motivate hard work – this may not be very healthy but it works for me personally

machine learning for cybersec

In 2019 I did two talks about Machine Learning for Cybersecurity. The Le Tour Du Hack talk is a longer version, the Securitay version is shorter, however has a brilliant magic trick at the start.

Both of these talks were analysed by the brilliant <insert his name here>, who is a speaking coach who I wish I hired previously. He noted that my presentation skills need more work (to put it mildly).